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Welcome to my new website selling handmade pottery, tableware designed to be used.

Welcome to my shiny new website! As a pottery maker I have always been more comfortable playing with clay rather than with computers but after nearly 10 years of working as a potter I’ve decided to focus on directly working with my lovely customers and a website is the best way to reach you with my handmade pottery at the moment. In the shop you'll find lots of photos so you know exactly what each piece of handmade ceramics looks like in real life.

I make tableware because I love food and love the idea of making something that becomes part of someone’s life, their morning ritual or special family gatherings. This new range includes teapots, ramen bowls and large fruit bowls that are great for wedding gifts as well as foodie gifts, like the oil pourer and French butter keeper.

I worked and developed a range of brightly coloured pottery that I sold across the UK and Ireland from shops, markets and to a small extent online. Last year I was able to take a small step back and rethink my work and I felt it was time for a change! I was being drawn to softer colours, blues and greens, but still wanted to keep the vibrancy of my previous work.

I know buying pottery online, especially a new product, can be a concern. This new range is of the same high quality of the previous range, with the exposure of some of the lovely rich red terracotta on the bottom section of the pots. Each piece is wrapped in a mix of paper and bubble wrap (recycled from local businesses) and packed in a sturdy box and sent on it's way to you.

In my online shop I have lots of lovely images of how the glaze ‘breaks' over decorative lines and the curve of the pots so you know what your new pot is going to look like when it arrives on your doorstep. Of course you are also very welcome to come visit the studio and buy from there or to discuss a commissioned piece or a video call can be arranged to view the pieces.

These are pots to be used, functional pottery but beautiful too. They are the result of over 10 years of making and a love of food combined. I hope they become part of your morning rituals, dinner tables and chats over tea for two!

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