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Studio Seconds Sale

Spring cleaning is happening in the studio!
Next Friday 7th & Saturday 8th April I'll be having a seconds sale in the studio, it's my first sale in the new studio and lots was found during the move so I've some lovely pots needing a new home plus it's a chance to have a nosey at the new space which is right next door to the old one!


1st Floor (lift is available) Owen O'Cork Mill, 288 Beersbridge Road, Belfast, BT55DX

What is a seconds sale?? 

One of the frustrations about pottery is it doesn't always go to plan! Or testing a new glazes gives you new results that you don't end up running with, all this means there's going to be pots that are made that have either little mistakes or just aren't what I'm looking for so instead of photographing each piece of ceramics individually and putting it up on the website I save them all up to do a big sale in the studio. 


All the pots are perfectly safe to use and there's lots of great work available and at great prices. Most pieces are 30 to 40% off with up to 50% off in some cases.

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