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Seconds sale at Helen Faulkner Ceramics

I love a seconds sale!

It's been a long 4 months since non essential retail was closed here in Northern Ireland and it's time for a treat and on a budget too!

All of the pottery in the seconds sale js safe to use and functional, it's just a little different.  It could be a little something in the glaze where it's not meant to be, the glaze is a little thin or the pot's not quite the right shape.

The Toulouse Range was developed last year and I tried different shapes and colours so they're in the sale too, totally unique never to be repeated. Also before Christmas I mixed up a batch of glaze and the green colourant, copper oxide wasn't ground finely enough so the glaze has a lovely green speckle through it but not something I can repeat again but it's a lovely finish.

The Toulouse Collection seconds pieces are all between 25% and 50% off as well as 10% off all other pieces.

The Kilkenny Collection is also included in the sale and will have 50% off all seconds. Remember this range is still available to order. 

How will it work?

As we still need to social distance I'm going to set up the sale in the lovely bright corridor outside the studio so people have lots of room. I also have handsanitiser available and will regularly clean pots that have be handled. 

Card payments are encouraged but cash is also accepted.

Opening hours are from Friday 30th April to Sunday 9th May

  • Monday-Friday 10-6pm
  • Saturday 12-4pm
  • Sunday 1-3pm

If those times don't suit just send me a message and we can arrange other times by appointment.

The entrance door to the building is 3/4s the way down the left hand side of the carpark at Owen O'Cork Mill.  If the blue door is locked call the number on the door, otherwise I'm up one flight of stairs, there is a lift available.

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