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New video of how I make pottery.

Cry Visuals spent the day in the studio filming what it is I do every day.  I've been hearing over and over how small businesses should be filming absolutely everything we do and then we should be sharing it all on social media and it's been stressing me out!

I saw a funny video posted by another small business that showed all the roles she has to play in her business, maker, photographer, admin, accountant, cleaner etc and now we have to dance?! 10 years ago I was told I had to have a website, then Facebook, then Twitter a few years later, I should have Pinterest and definitely Instagram and now we're expected to lip sync and dance on reels and tiktok, I'm too tired!!

I didn't train as a photographer or videographer so I brought in an expert and I'm so happy with this video, I think it really shows (nearly!) all that goes into making a pot.

One thing I've learned from the pandemic is that small businesses are amazing at adapting and trying something new to survive and grow, this Chrsitmas I'm buying as much as I can from local independent businesses cause no matter whether it's Covid 19 or Instagram reels we find a way to keep going! 

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